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Introducing the New MRCOOL Smart Controller & App!

Happy January, and welcome to 2019! More importantly, welcome to the new MRCOOL Smart Controller, the best wireless control system for any ductless mini-split heat pump system ever made (so far!).

What’s a MRCOOL Smart Controller?

The MRCOOL Smart Controller is our new wireless control system that integrates with your smartphone and/or other smart-home devices. Which ones? Right now the Smart Controller is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. But more is coming! By Q3 2019, full integration with Nest thermostats should be completed.

Yeah, sure, all that compatibility is great, but what does this thing do?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Amazing MRCOOL Smart Controller Kit Features!

  • Global Control – Control your MRCOOL air conditioner or heat pump via your smartphone from anywhere in the world.
  • Weekly Scheduling – Powerful 7 day scheduling functionality helps you schedule your air comfort as per desired settings and time.
  • Filter Maintenance Reminder – Because changing the filter is important, and you don’t need to keep forgetting.
  • Geo Fencing – Automatically turn your ductless unit on before you arrive and switch the system off automatically after you have left the premises.
  • Zone Control  – Create dedicated air comfort zones. Single touch control for all home systems by creating zones.
  • Usage Statistics – Keep track of your heating or cooling usage to control your electricity costs. Save energy, save money, live free, etc. 
  • Timeline of Actions – Check a complete timeline of actions of your AC. Check who is using your AC, what settings are being used and when.

Awesome, right?

Who wouldn’t want all those tools to get the very most out of their brand new MRCOOL ductless mini-split heat pump system? And we use that term generally, because the Smart Controller will work seamlessly with all current generation ductless mini-splits that we make. To learn more, but a new MRCOOL unit that includes the Smart Controller or buy a new Smart Controller kit from your favorite dealer!

40 thoughts on “Introducing the New MRCOOL Smart Controller & App!”

  1. Certainly hope you provide an update link for existing wifi dongles – download and update the files on the usb key. That would be the right thing to do.

  2. Too bad i gave my nest away. I was under the impression the ability to integrate with nest wasn’t being looked at. Good to see though! Is there an indication how much and possibly a video showing replacing the current wifi dongle, on a DIY version of the MR COOL? Will the added capability be up loaded thru wifi to the new controller. How about a discount for those of use that bought the original wifi controller?


    1. Integration with Nest is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, and everything looks good for it finally rolling out this year w/the new Smart Controller. We will have an install and set-up video coming soon. Yes, the Nest capability should come through as an update for the Smart Controller. As you know, we don’t sell direct, but we are talking to dealers on discounted pricing for upgrading customers.

  3. “or buy a new Smart Controller kit from your favorite dealer!” Hmmm, I just did a deep net search and found no one offering this product. I searched by dealer “Lowes” (where I bought my 18k unit) and they haven’t heard of it. Can you offer some links that we can use to buy this amazing upgrade to my existing unit?

  4. Just to reconfirm. You state that this will work will ALL current units. That includes the Olympus series as well? Before I was told no wifi on that series.

    1. All newly manufactured air handlers have a docking station in them. Previous Olympus models did not all have, so they could not use a wireless module. The Smart Controller will work with 2019 Olympus units (or existing Olympus systems that have air handlers w/a docking station in the air handler).

      1. Okay, Thank you. I went ahead and ordered three of these for my Olympus multi zone system. All installed and working well. Still working out the kinks with voice control through google assistant. Also mine would not hook up 5Ghz wifi (802.11AC) it would only hook up to 2.4Ghz wifi (802.11n). Just an FYI.

      2. I just purchased 3 of the new smart WiFi adapters for my late 2018 model Olympus Tri-zone (9k, 12k, 12k) system which include air handlers w/ docking stations and the previous model WiFi adapters (which worked great). The new adapters do not function in either of the 12k units and return a P7 error when placed in “AP” mode. All of the adapters work fine and register in the 9k unit. Is there a firmware update available for the 12k units that will resolve this issue?

  5. We need a contact number to set up our warranty. The link provided does NOT work and we’ve tried doing it on multiple devices.

    1. We migrated our server this week, so that may have caused the issue. You can call 270-366-0457 to register your warranty.

  6. Any instructions on how to get this to work with Alexa? I’ve tried everything. Most I can do it turn my unit on and off with Alexa. For some reason the amazon Alexa up recognizes the unit as a lamp. What skill do I need to download?

  7. Having problems with the app on my galaxy note8. After log in, any button I push just says “time out”. Feels like I’m a toddler again haha. Seriously though, is there a fix?

  8. Where would I go to find more info on how the dehumidification mode on my new 24K Heatpump works?? The remote user guide just says temperature set points are used??? Isn’t the unit supposed to be controlling RH (relative humidity)??

    1. All air conditioners and heat pumps automatically reduce humidity as a normal byproduct of their cooling function. You can set the unit to dry mode to increase dehumidification if the interior is particularly humid.

        1. When you activate any air conditioner or heat pump in cooling mode, it dehumidifies the environment as a byproduct of its operating cycle. However, air conditioners and heat pumps, especially mini-splits, are not typically designed to deliver the kind of humidity control you seem to be wanting.

  9. Hi. Will you make it a priority to post at least monthly the status of offering different lineset lengths. I’m remodeling and would like to install a 36k in the early fall. I have the 18k in my garage. Surprised it worked fine at -5 degree temps this winter. Also, please address the interior fan bearing noise. It is noticeable and the only issue to criticize on the mini splits.

    1. It is very difficult to post updates on products that are in development and do not yet have a release date.

      As far as the fan bearing noise, the interior air handler should be running very quietly. Give our tech support a call at 270-366-0457.

  10. Do all 2nd gen DIY units come with this new controller? Costco sells 2nd gen units, and I want to be sure that I don’t have to buy another part for above-mentioned functionality to work.

    1. All ductless products from all dealers will include the Smart Controller by 1 May 2019. Smart Controllers are available separately for purchase until that time.

  11. I have a central unit inverter Mr cool, do you have any smart thermostat avaailable for this unit ( 18 seer system)

  12. What the difference between the DIY-24-HP-230A and DIY-24-HP-230AE? I have been looking on Lowe’s and Home depot website but they only list the DIY-24-HP-230A not the DIY-24-HP-230 AE. Is the DIY-24-HP-230A 1st Gen and DIY-24-HP-230AE is the 2nd Gen Enhanced. What make makes it Enhanced? Where can I get the DIY-24-HP-230AE?

    1. The AE models feature the new Smart Controller. Most dealers should be listing products by the end of the month.

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