Introducing the New MRCOOL Smart Controller & App!

  • January 21, 2019
  • By MR COOL

Happy January, and welcome to 2019! More importantly, welcome to the new MRCOOL Smart Controller, the best wireless control system for any ductless mini-split heat pump system ever made (so far!).

What’s a MRCOOL Smart Controller?

The MRCOOL Smart Controller is our new wireless control system that integrates with your smartphone and/or other smart-home devices. Which ones? Right now the Smart Controller is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Yeah, sure, all that compatibility is great, but what does this thing do?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Amazing MRCOOL Smart Controller Kit Features!

  • Global Control – Control your MRCOOL air conditioner or heat pump via your smartphone from anywhere in the world.
  • Weekly Scheduling – Powerful 7 day scheduling functionality helps you schedule your air comfort as per desired settings and time.
  • Filter Maintenance Reminder – Because changing the filter is important, and you don’t need to keep forgetting.
  • Geo Fencing – Automatically turn your ductless unit on before you arrive and switch the system off automatically after you have left the premises.
  • Zone Control  – Create dedicated air comfort zones. Single touch control for all home systems by creating zones.
  • Usage Statistics – Keep track of your heating or cooling usage to control your electricity costs. Save energy, save money, live free, etc. 
  • Timeline of Actions – Check a complete timeline of actions of your AC. Check who is using your AC, what settings are being used and when.

Awesome, right?

Who wouldn’t want all those tools to get the very most out of their brand new MRCOOL ductless mini-split heat pump system? And we use that term generally, because the Smart Controller will work seamlessly with all current generation ductless mini-splits that we make. To learn more, but a new MRCOOL unit that includes the Smart Controller or buy a new Smart Controller kit from your favorite dealer!

124 thoughts on “Introducing the New MRCOOL Smart Controller & App!”

  1. I have the newest 24k DIY mini split. The unit works great, all features seem to work, and installation went well. It seems like this app and all the features are in the process of being updated and I think an addition to the app would be extremely helpful. If this unit could turn on or off when room temperature reaches a certain level that would be awesome. For instance, if you leave town and don’t want house to get lower than 40 degrees. You could set unit to the on heat when it reaches that temperature and then back off when it reaches 59 degrees. Unit already has a thermostat that communicates with app.

  2. Want to say I very much enjoy this unit so fsr. The only thing I think that would make the app better is to be able to program the unit to turn on and off when room reaches a certain temperature. For instance, if I’m not home the unit would kick on heat if the room was colder than. 40 degrees and off once it hit 55 degrees.

  3. Just purchased a DIY 18K Wifi Enabled mini Split. Great system and easy to install. Very disappointed that the QR codes were missing from the module container…HELP! I’d like t get this connected to my other smart home devices.

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