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The MrCool Follow Me Function Gives You Comfort No Matter Where You’re Located

  • November 6, 2014
  • By MR COOL

Sometimes there are parts of your home that don’t heat or cool the same as the rest of the room. This could be due to the area being subjected to direct sunlight or maybe a draft. 

Thanks to MrCool’s Follow Me function, wherever the MrCool Smart Controller remote is located, that is what the unit’s temperature will read. This mode is added for your utmost comfort. There is no more need to wait for the system to cool or heat the entire room and regulate the temperature of the room before you can finally feel comfortable.

When you look at the MrCool remote that comes with your MrCool ductless mini-split, you will see a button that says, “Follow Me.” When the unit is turned on, press this button to initiate the Follow Me feature. 

The remote will then display the actual temperature at its location, which is wherever in your home that you specifically want heated or cooled. The remote control will send this signal to the air conditioner every three minutes until the Follow Me button is pressed again. This allows the remote to act as a thermostat, allowing the air conditioning or heating to control the temperature based on the location rather than at the air handler. The Follow Me function is just another way that MrCool is keeping people cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and it comes standard with every MrCool ductless mini-split.

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