DIY on Demand

  • September 26, 2014
  • By MR COOL

You can’t sling a alley cat these days without hitting some new do-it-yourself endeavor. But why would you? Slinging cat is weird and gross. You should only sling things like bolas and boomerangs. I’m a gifted bola slinger myself.

Moving on.

Do-it-yourself! Yes, everybody is into the ‘DIY’. It makes sense. Doing your own work on your home or car can save you a lot of money. Everybody loves money, even me. That’s why I’ve made so much of it with my many varied business ventures. I don’t do a lot with my money. I mostly reinvest, buy things I like, or put it in a big pile for the dog to roll around in. Way better than leaves.

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2 thoughts on “DIY on Demand”

  1. I purchased a 36.000 ac/heating unit from Sam.s ln July 2020 rec it in Sept. 20 20
    finally found some one to install in Jan 2021 discovered no connection lines Have been trying to find out where to purchase them
    can you help me. official mrcool or sam’s do not respond,

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