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DIY Air Conditioner Condenser Cleaning

DIY Air Conditioner Condenser Cleaning

Your air conditioner condenser is like everything else in your home – it gets dirty. Obviously, this is less than ideal. Too much dirt and grime in your A/C will reduce energy efficiency, and is a leading cause of mechanical failure. Should you hire someone to clean the system or is DIY air conditioner condenser cleaning possible?

It is and it’s not as hard as you think.

100% DIY Air Conditioner Condenser Cleaning is Easy

The first thing you need to know about DIY air conditioner condenser cleaning is that you don’t need any special tools or chemicals. There are useful air conditioner cleaning products on the market, but they aren’t 100% necessary. Still, if you want to pick some up from your local hardware store, it won’t hurt a thing.

Let’s get started.

Exterior Condenser Cleaning & You!

An air conditioner condenser is the portion installed outside your house. As you might imagine, it can get really dirty. Dirt, dust, leaves, insects, and all sorts of other contaminants can gunk up the coils. You need to get this cleaned out for optimum running.

1. Alright genius, turn off the power. Accidental electrocution isn’t fun for anyone.

2. Clean away all the leaves, brush, and debris from the outside. Also, important tip, when you mow your lawn never point the exhaust side of the mower toward the condenser.

3. Get a wet/dry vacuum to remove the big stuff from the exterior.

4. Check to see if any of the condenser fins are bent. If they are, use a dull tool to GENTLY straighten them. Emphasis on the GENTLY.

5. Now, you’re going to remove the top grill. You’ll need some tools, but nothing exotic. Lift out the fan, set it safely to the side, and do NOT yank on any of the exposed wires. You did turn the power off, right?

6. Clean up any loose debris inside the cavity.

7. Take your garden hose and GENTLY spray the fins from the inside. You want to push any debris out. Spraying the fins from the outside will only push the trash inside the unit. This is bad.

8. Replace the fan and reattach the top grill.

9. Let the unit dry out for about 24 hours.

10. Turn the power back on to the unit, and you’re done.

And that’s pretty much all there is to DIY air conditioner condenser cleaning. It’s probably a lot less hard than you thought, and it’s a great way to keep your unit running strong all season long.


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