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Dearest Humans, Safety First!

Here at MrCool.com, we believe in safety!

I should rephrase that. I believe in safety, because of all the problems we had in the Radioactive Food Testing Facility a few years back. Let’s just say that irradiated, gigantic squash are a great idea in theory.

What sucks is when you accidentally turn a taste-test focus group into a rampaging team of super-powered mutants that MrCool Human Resources had a hard time dealing with. Eventually, we used gas and a match to solve the problem.

Which brings me to the MrCool DIY and safety.

Installing a conventional ductless mini-split heat pump is not terribly difficult for a trained HVAC technician, but it isn’t something your typical homeowner can do by themselves without a good bit of instruction. Since we didn’t want people accidentally spraying coolant into their eyes while installing the MrCool DIY, safety was a priority during the design phase.

So, how exactly is the MrCool DIY safe for amateur installation?

The component I’m most proud of are the precharged 410 quick connect linesets. As mentioned earlier, we determined early on in the design process that dealing with typical air conditioner coolant would be a problem for the average amateur installer. Our team built the quick connect linesets to circumvent the issue altogether. These linesets are as simple and safe as they could be. If you can handle basic tools, you can put the MrCool DIY together without worrying about leaking coolant all over the place.

Which is a really good thing!

The last thing any dedicated DIY’er wants is to install a ductless mini-split heat pump and find out its leaking coolant. Not only would this affect operating efficiency, it’s not the safest situation in the world.

Sure, way safer than radioactive mutants tearing through a research and development facility after all the containment procedures failed, but not ideal.

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