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Buy Gold (Condensers)!

Do you invest in gold? You probably should. Gold is shiny, malleable, and worth a lot of money. I made my first fortune after I invested in gold. Any by ‘invest’, I mean I found a pile of old Spanish gold doubloons while diving off the coast of the Dominican Republic.

And my parents said working in the Peace Corps was a waste of time!

I could go on about gold and how warm a bed it makes for hours, but you’re not dragons (probably). Instead, let’s talk about gold fin condensers. They’re great for standing up to salt air, rain, and other corrosive environmental conditions. If you have a gold fin condenser on a heat pump or air conditioner, you’re getting superior corrosion resistance when it comes to long term operation. When it comes to operating any such unit in high humidity conditions, you really do want to buy gold.

I know the question you want to ask, “Are the gold fin condensers really made out of solid gold?”

No, they are not. I wanted them to be, but the accountants told me using actual golden coils would make each ductless mini-split heat pump cost somewhere around $400,000 US to manufacture. I didn’t see the problem. They further informed me that a $400,000 ductless mini-split heat pump would be too expensive for virtually, well, anyone to consider buying.

They’re still really cool though.

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