Announcing the NEW Central Ducted Hyper Heat DC Inverter Heat Pump!

  • June 21, 2023
  • By MR COOL

You’ve come to know MRCOOL® as innovators, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve done it again! 

The NEW MRCOOL® Central Ducted Hyper Heat DC Inverter Heat Pump offers enhanced comfort, better efficiency, and higher savings. With up to a 17.4 SEER2 rating, you’ll be staying comfortable and watching the savings roll in all year long. 

What is the Central Ducted Hyper Heat?

The name of this product may sound familiar to you, and that’s because the Hyper Heat is a NEW updated model that’s able to keep you much warmer in very cold temperatures. With the ability to keep you comfortable in temperatures as low as -22º Fahrenheit and as high as 122º Fahrenheit, you’ll get to enjoy ideal comfort every moment of the year. Even though this system is great at heating whenever you want to keep cozy, you can add an auxiliary heat kit to ensure you’ll stay warm and comfy all season long.

This heat pump system is extremely adaptive to your home’s needs. It can accommodate any airflow requirement, as it can be installed to conform to upflow, downflow, and horizontal ductwork. The air handler is also high-static, which makes it a great option for any home, including mobile, manufactured, and modular homes.

When you need comfort, you don’t want to waste any time. That’s why we’ve accelerated the installation process by making this system compatible with our No-Vac® pre-charged line sets. With these, the installation time for the Central Ducted Hyper Heat can be cut in half, meaning the entire process is easier on your schedule, your nerves, and your wallet. The Central Ducted Hyper Heat can be installed traditionally, allowing you to choose the best installation option for your home.

The included wired thermostat makes the Central Ducted Hyper Heat extremely simple to control, giving you responsive comfort at the touch of a button. So comfy, you don’t want to leave the couch? We’ve got you covered there, too, with the Central Ducted Hyper Heat’s remote. The remote also gives the Central Ducted Hyper Heat the Follow Me® Function, in which the remote senses the temperature around it to bring perfect comfort directly to you. Bring the remote around the house with you and experience the comfort you want and deserve all year long!

What Else Should I Know About the System?

We at MRCOOL® know that one of the best feelings in the world is walking into a completely comfortable home set to your perfect, preferred temperature. We also know that one of the worst feelings is walking into a home that’s muggy or freezing because of a broken HVAC unit. Because of this, we’re offering a built-in, no registration required warranty for the Central Ducted Hyper Heat. This 10 year warranty covers parts and labor alongside an additional 10 year compressor warranty. We’ve got your comfort covered. 

Where Can I Get the Central Ducted Hyper Heat?

Most of our online dealers will have this brand-new model in stock. If you prefer to shop locally, check out our “Where to Purchase” page to find a MRCOOL® retailer that may have the Central Ducted Hyper heat ready to buy today!

For the best comfort you’ve ever experienced at some of the best efficiency levels, get the MRCOOL® Central Ducted Hyper Heat today!

22 thoughts on “Announcing the NEW Central Ducted Hyper Heat DC Inverter Heat Pump!”

  1. Does your system like other heat pumps that go thru a cool down phase where it blows cold air into your home inorder to cool its self down and defrost in the summer blowing hot air in ?

  2. Can these new units be installed with a Mr cool 95% furnace (dual fuel) instead of just the air handler & coil? I’m interested but since I have a wife who insists on gas backup and with a down flow furnace currently, I’m limited.

    1. The Central Ducted Hyper Heat DC Inverter Heat Pump is available at a lower starting price point, and has better size variation. This product also has the first labor warranty that we’re offering for a central system! This built-in 10 year labor, parts, and compressor warranty will help you enjoy worry-free comfort for years.

  3. I have a 1996 2200 sq ft Oak Creek doublewide that has a central unit that has given up. I have talked to several AC companies about replacing the unit but none of them are offering a system that comes close to meeting the specifications of the Central Ducted Hyper Heat system. I live outside of Dallas Texas so the winters here are not normally very cold. However, I like that this system has a heating capacity below 0 degrees. The heat pumps I have been able to get pricing on only heat down to 30 degrees and then your heat strips have to take over.
    I was also told that I should put a high Static system in my home instead of one with a variable speed blower in it. My system is an updraft 5 ton with 60kw of electric heat. My duct is 18″ going into the attic and my register vents are all 9″x12″ except for the bathrooms. I have 14 vents that are 9″x12″ and 3 bathrooms that have 6″x9″ vents. All the return air returns to the air handler via a 20″x38″ vent in the door covering the air handler.
    Can I replace my broken unit with the Central Ducted Hyper Heat system?

    1. Third party thermostats can be used for this system. Please check page 37 of the manual for specifications regarding thermostat installation and the Central Ducted Hyper Heat.

    1. The Central Ducted Hyper Heat DC Inverter Heat Pump is available in a greater variation of sizes, and it is initially available at a lower price point. One of the special things about this product is that it has a built-in 10 year labor warranty, as well as a 10 year parts and compressor warranty. This is the first time we’ve offered a set of warranties like this for a central system, and it doesn’t even require registration!

  4. Do you have info on BTU output of the units at lower temps? I know you say down to -22 f for the heat pump but at -22 what is the BTU output of say the 4 ton model. What is it at 5f?

    Just looking to see how efficient it is at lower temps since I don’t see anything published. Before purchasing my next system want to compare efficiency of the heat pump at cold temps. Would be great to see a chart of performance

  5. I have the 60k hyper heat pump can I install a different thermostat other than the mr cool one that came with the unit?

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