Announcing New GeoCool Geothermal from MRCOOL!

  • June 4, 2019
  • By MR COOL

MRCOOL is pleased to announce it will be producing the new line of GeoCool geothermal heat pump products for the US market. Ground-source HVAC equipment can deliver great performance and terrific energy efficiency. For years, GeoCool geothermal has been a cost-leader in the US market. The new MRCOOL-GeoCool partnership will allow GeoCool products better access to widespread distribution and post-purchase support. And the new GeoCool geothermal line will bring can’t-beat-performance into the MRCOOL family.

GeoCool Geothermal Heat Pumps – 2019

The latest ground-source products from GeoCool are packed with quality features and components. Each comes standard with:

  • Copeland 6th Generation Two-Stage Scroll Compressor
  • DECStar Variable-Speed ECM Blower Motor
  • Insulated Sloped Stainless Steel Drain Pan with Internal P-Trap (for vertical models only)
  • Internal Condensate Overflow Protection Switch
  • Foam Insulated Cupronickel Coaxial Water Coil
  • Aluminum Air Coil (Lanced Fin/Rifled Tubing)
  • Lightweight Aluminium Cabinet
  • Advanced Unit Control Board with Diagnostic LED Lights and Built-In System Safeties
  • Double O-Ring In/Water Out Connections
  • Hinged and Lift Out Electrical Panel for Easy Service Access
  • Optional Domestic Water Preheating with Integrated Pump
  • ETL Listed

In addition to all those terrific features, every GeoCool geothermal unit is built right here in the USA. Best of all, thanks to its high efficiency performance, a new ground-source heat pump like this one can quality for a massive Federal Tax Credit (up to 30% by 31 December 2019). Many states, municipal governments, and local utility companies also offer rebates, incentives, and finance programs for homeowners who want a high efficiency, geothermal HVAC solution in their home.

Questions and Comments

Do you have questions or comments about new GeoCool geothermal products from MRCOOL? You can contact us here or you can head over to our Facebook page. To purchase a new GeoCool geothermal heat pump, check out the listings online at partner sites like IWAE. And be on the look out for more listings from our other retail partners!

25 thoughts on “Announcing New GeoCool Geothermal from MRCOOL!”

  1. I left a comment on your Facebook. These are really cool products. Can you build a mini-split Window unit that has the compressor mounted 2.5-3 feet away to the exterior wall and plugs in via the inside facing window unit? No exterior hole punching necessary. Or should I start my company and DIY it myself?

      1. I believe they are saying they want a window unit? Instead of a blower/evaporator unit mounted indoors with a pass thru pipe/wires, they want it to go into a small window mounted unit…and mount the condenser unit ON the exterior wall within 3′ of the window unit.

        Seems to me they are trying to eliminate any advantage a mini split system could offer while simultaneously making a regular window unit more complex. Quieter, maybe.

      1. Why not? It seems like a no-brainer to combine the efficiency gain of ductless with the efficiency gain of geothermal heat sourcing.

  2. Geothermal mini-split would be really nice for houses that don’t have space for ductwork, and are trying to transition from single-pipe steam. Is this available/in the works?

      1. Add me to the folks above and elsewhere on the internet looking for a geothermal mini split (aka – ductless) heat pump retrofit system. The room and cost for adding ducting is too high for many wanting to migrate away from baseboard electric or radiator heating with window AC.
        Higher efficiency of geothermal combined with multiple zone control of a variable speed mini splits – has all the bases covered, EXCEPT that no one seems to be producing such a system.
        Heck, it could even have the option for water heater preheating…
        I and others have been asking on the internet for several years, and still… there no options on the market.
        Probably higher initial cost, largely due of geothermal ground work, but it’d have better pay back, all year long in all climates, run very quiet, with very low maintenance.

      2. Like RDL, I’m looking for a ductless geothermal system. My current system is a gas-fired hydronic and we want to be able to add A/C for cooling. Adding ductwork would be awkward and pricey. I would be very interested if I could find a ductless geothermal system that would provide heating and cooling (along with the obvious low/zero-carbon footprint).

    1. Mitsubishi, Trane, Daikin, Hitachi, and probably others DO make a variable refrigerant flow ground source heat pump mini split system; however, it is only in commercial applications where 3 phase power is required for the heat pump to operate. I’ve wanted to attempt using one of those systems combined with a rotary phase or digital phase converter but I’m not sure how practical it’d be.
      The first manufacturer to come up with that design for residential applications in the USA will strike the jackpot

      1. I agree. I’m a young architectural designer looking for a system like that for my future home, and if there was a residential geothermal mini split system on the market, I would definitely use it – and recommend it to any of my customers looking for a high-performance heating/cooling solution for their home. Based on the comments here, it appears that there is a market for this. In fact, the only reason I found this page is because I am looking for one. Mr Cool, please be cool and consider doing some R&D on a system like this.

  3. I found this looking for a geothermal mini split, but to be practical I think it needs to be a direct exchange system. Then it may need only a reasonable (50′ per ton?) of borehole(s) that you put a pre-charged length of bare copper down into and attach to small compressor box (no fan no coil!). Backfill bores with Bentonite slurry. The rest is normal mini split. I could see 2-3 ton units tied to air handlers replacing central AC systems with variable speed dc inverter…

    1. I don’t think that’s realistic, you could certainly move heat into the refrigerant more quickly in that kind of setup but a geothermal system is also limited by the speed at which heat moves through the ground. It moves much quicker through rock, but still not that fast. I don’t think there is any way to overcome that.

      I do wonder about the possibility of a hybrid ground-source/air-source system that pumped from a well or through a small field and preheated air going into the existing air source heat pump when the air is less than 35f or over 80f or something. Because you only would need that heat field in operation a small percentage of the time it wouldn’t need to be a large field or source. But it could raise the overall efficiency by bringing the air back into the efficiency sweet spot.

  4. I live on a river (floating home) and have no cooling, no ductwork, no furnace. Elec heat and gas fireplace only.

    I realize the number of people on, or close to water (lake homes) is a small base. However, I would really like a style of geothermal system where water based heat pump was combined with indoor evaporator/air handler ala mni-split with wall-mount or ceiling cassette. Don’t want an air handler built into the heat pump unit with blower/ductwork.

    I’ve had a FHP/Bosch in a condo with cooling loop (and the bldg had a heat exchanger that heated the pool before returning). And another home with ground geothermal heat pump. I don’t have ductwork, and I don’t want to add ductwork.

    1. Thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately, we are not looking to create a system like this right now, but your suggestions are a great source of inspiration for us! It does seem like a DIY ductless mini-split could be a great solution for you, because there is no ductwork involved and you can perform the installation yourself! Take a look at for more information!

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