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6 Ways to Cut Summer Energy Bills

  • August 25, 2015
  • By MR COOL

Summer is great. Paying a high utility bill is not so great. You could save money by turning off the A/C, but who wants to do that? All is not lost. You can cut summer energy bills, save money, and still enjoy great air comfort at the same time.

We’ll even tell you how.

Cut Summer Energy Bills Simply & Easily

All you have to do is keep these 6 easy steps in mind.

1. Keep the Air Filter Clean

A dirty air filter can be major drag on your air conditioner’s operating efficiency. You should check it at least once a month. If it’s dirty, change it out. Your unit will use less energy with a clean filter, so you’ll save money.

2. Buy & Use a Programmable Thermostat

Do you already have a programmable thermostat? Probably. Do you use it. If you’re like most people, you don’t. Did you know using a programmable thermostat properly can shave 20% of your annual energy consumption? It can.

3. Ceiling Fans!

Fans don’t actually change the temperature, but they can make a room feel a lot more comfortable. Which means you can set the thermostat slightly higher than you otherwise might. You don’t sacrifice comfort, but you do trim some fat off your bill.

4. Turn the Air Off on Cool Days

It seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of people leave the A/C running even during mild weather. Stop doing that. Turn off the air conditioner, open some windows, and let nature in. A few A/C-free days can make a real difference.

5. Grill Outside More

Yes, now you have a money-saving reason to grill steaks out on the porch. Why is that? Ovens and stove tops are hot. That heat is inside your house. It doesn’t evaporate magically, the air conditioner has to compensate. The more you grill out, the less your HVAC has to do.

6. Trim Back the Hedges

Air conditioners, not surprisingly, need steady air flow to operate effectively. If you’ve got weeds, vines, and who knows what else growing up and around your exterior condenser, you’re not going to get good efficiency. To make matters worse, dirt and debris inside the condenser from an untended yard can lead to mechanical failure.

You’re Welcome

And that’s it. Follow those six easy steps and you will, I promise you, cut summer energy bills significantly. Best of all, you won’t have to suffer to do it.

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