13 SEER heat pumps are going away

13 SEER Heat Pumps Are Going Away!

  • August 13, 2015
  • By MR COOL

Looking for a great deal on a MrCool 13 SEER heat pump? You better act fast, because 13 SEER heat pumps are going away forever very, very soon.

13 SEER Heat Pumps Are Going Away, But Why?

Because we hate them.

Okay, not really. American homeowners have gotten great air comfort mileage out of 13 SEER heat pumps for a lot of years, but those days are done. This is the last year you have a good chance of purchasing and installing a 13 SEER heat pump packaged or split system for your home.

We’ll happily explain why.

2015 Federal Regional Standards for Heating and Cooling Products

You’re lucky. The federal restrictions on certain HVAC products were supposed to go into effect in May of 2013, but some industrial wrangling pushed that date out to January 1st, 2015. What the means is that all air conditioners and heat pumps manufactured after December 31st, 2014 must conform to Federal Regional Standards. That date is long gone, so how is it we can still sell 13 SEER units?

The key there is “manufacturing.” MrCool and other HVAC companies have 13 SEER heat pumps and A/C units left over from last years production cycles. We can still sell these, but we can’t make any more of them. So when we say that 13 SEER heat pumps are going away forever, we’re being very literal. Once they’re gone, no HVAC manufacturer is going to build anymore.

Theoretically, I guess they could, but they won’t be for sale in the United States.

How do I get one of the last 13 SEER heat pumps?

Right now we still have some in inventory, and so do some of our distribution partners. You can probably even still get one through your local HVAC company. Now, that being said, I doubt very much this state of affairs will last through the end of the year much less into the summer of 2016. If you try to buy a 13 SEER heat pump or air conditioner next May or June, you won’t find one unless you’re very, very lucky.

Don’t count on being very, very lucky. If you need a 13 SEER heat pump split system or packaged unit, buy it now in 2015.

It’s the only way to be sure.

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