Announcing New GeoCool Geothermal from MRCOOL!

  • June 4, 2019
  • By MR COOL

MRCOOL is pleased to announce it will be producing the new line of GeoCool geothermal heat pump products for the US market. Ground-source HVAC equipment can deliver great performance and terrific energy efficiency. For years, GeoCool geothermal has been a cost-leader in the US market. The new MRCOOL-GeoCool partnership will allow GeoCool products better access to widespread distribution and post-purchase support. And the new GeoCool geothermal line will bring can’t-beat-performance into the MRCOOL family.

GeoCool Geothermal Heat Pumps – 2019

The latest ground-source products from GeoCool are packed with quality features and components. Each comes standard with:

  • Copeland 6th Generation Two-Stage Scroll Compressor
  • DECStar Variable-Speed ECM Blower Motor
  • Insulated Sloped Stainless Steel Drain Pan with Internal P-Trap (for vertical models only)
  • Internal Condensate Overflow Protection Switch
  • Foam Insulated Cupronickel Coaxial Water Coil
  • Aluminum Air Coil (Lanced Fin/Rifled Tubing)
  • Lightweight Aluminium Cabinet
  • Advanced Unit Control Board with Diagnostic LED Lights and Built-In System Safeties
  • Double O-Ring In/Water Out Connections
  • Hinged and Lift Out Electrical Panel for Easy Service Access
  • Optional Domestic Water Preheating with Integrated Pump
  • ETL Listed

In addition to all those terrific features, every GeoCool geothermal unit is built right here in the USA. Best of all, thanks to its high efficiency performance, a new ground-source heat pump like this one can quality for a massive Federal Tax Credit (up to 30% by 31 December 2019). Many states, municipal governments, and local utility companies also offer rebates, incentives, and finance programs for homeowners who want a high efficiency, geothermal HVAC solution in their home.

Questions and Comments

Do you have questions or comments about new GeoCool geothermal products from MRCOOL? You can contact us here or you can head over to our Facebook page. To purchase a new GeoCool geothermal heat pump, check out the listings online at partner sites like IWAE. And be on the look out for more listings from our other retail partners!

8 thoughts on “Announcing New GeoCool Geothermal from MRCOOL!”

  1. I left a comment on your Facebook. These are really cool products. Can you build a mini-split Window unit that has the compressor mounted 2.5-3 feet away to the exterior wall and plugs in via the inside facing window unit? No exterior hole punching necessary. Or should I start my company and DIY it myself?

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