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MrCool’s Cool Promotional Video Stuff

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Yes, this is true, but so is marketing.

When it came to marketing our MrCool ductless mini-split systems, we, and by that I mean me, had a lot of options. I could put MrCool on local television, but does anyone even watch that anymore? Maybe. I thought about radio too. Radio has its merits, but are you going to pay attention to a MrCool ad in between calls from an old man trying to win concert tickets and a guy wondering where his socks are?

Yeah, me neither, that’s why I decided to hire the best danged Internet video team I could find. They’ve come to my house to film me talking about the MrCool. These are going to be rolling out soon on the YouTube, and I want you to watch them. Aside from being tremendously good looking, I’m also quite well dressed.

Trust me, you’ll appreciate the 27 minute video where I give you a tour of my personal moth collection. I even introduce you to some of my household staff, personal entourage, and a few of my neighbors. They were all happy to participate after I gave them money.

One last thing, I asked my scientists about spray painting the Moon with the MrCool logo. I thought, “Hey! Everybody will see it!“ I was informed painting the Moon would cost approximately five times as much as my net worth.

If I get five times richer, we’re totally doing it.