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When Should I Get a New Air Conditioner?

when should I get a new air conditioner

Have you ever asked yourself this question, “When Should I Get a New Air Conditioner?”

Four Simple(ish) Steps

Okay, let’s get real here. The HVAC market is big. There are a ton of options, and too much choice is confusing for someone who isn’t an industry insider. How do you know what to buy? How do you know when to buy? How do you know if you even need a new air conditioner in the first place?

Fortunately, there are some basic steps you can take to get to the right answer.

Step #1 : How’s Your Efficiency?

Every air conditioner in the U.S. is rated for efficiency according to its SEER score.

There are two things you need to know about SEER:

  1. 1. Higher is always better.
  2. 2. The U.S. residential minimum is 13 SEER.

Chances are that the air conditioner you’re using right now is 13 SEER rated. If your unit is a few years old, it’s possible it could be even lower. When you’re paying too much for air cooling, upgrading to a higher SEER unit will save you money.

Step #2 : When to Buy

Savvy shoppers know that you buy winter coats in summer and swim suits in winter. Most people don’t do that, so the merchandise tends to be priced lower.

Air conditioners are the same way. The worst time to buy is in the summer. The best thing you can do is plan ahead, and try to buy a new air conditioner in early spring, late fall, or winter.

Step #3: Are You Comfortable?

If your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be cooling like it should, the problem may not be in your head.

Your system could have a refrigerant leak or it could just be wearing out. A loss in cooling effectiveness is a good indicator that you need to start looking before the unit fails completely.

Step #4: Where to Buy

Local HVAC contractors will sell you an air conditioner, but they have been known to mark up their prices.

A little.

Okay, maybe not a little. A 100% markup is pretty typical. Which means that a $2000 wholesale unit can run you around $4000 before you account for installation costs.

The best way to save money is online. There are a lot of wholesale retailers who will ship units to you with minimal markup.

When Should I Get a New Air Conditioner?

Hopefully we’ve helped you along your way. If you still have questions, ask us in the comments or drop an email our way.

Above all, if you still ask yourself, “When should I get a new air conditioner?”, remember our 4 simple steps.

Pre-Valentine’s Day Heating & Air

Got heating?

To ensure you experience Valentine’s Day as romantically as possible, you need to make sure your house, apartment, condominium, timeshare, orbital habitat, and/or woodland hovel has effective winter heating. Why? Because February can get as cold as the reindeer crap frozen on Santa’s sleigh. I mean think about it. Those deer have got to poop at least once on Christmas Eve, and chances are it’s going to all splatter backward if you take my meaning. I bet the elves have to chip it off with hammers the next morning.

I digress.

What I’m saying is you have got to be prepared with ample heating resources on Valentine’s Day to ensure things “heat” up. If you take my meaning, which you might not, because I’m using innuendo. I’m told innuendo is like saying, “I’m hungry,” when you’re really only kind of hungry, but who doesn’t love chips and salsa anyway? I think. To be perfectly honest, I was not listening when my secretary explained innuendo this morning.

But back to heating on Valentine’s Day. Are you prepared?

No? Well, good job on waiting until just about the last minute there, Detective Kojak. You’ve just about got enough time to head to MrCool.com, check out our awesome line of ductless mini-split heat pumps, order one, and, maybe, it will get to you by Valentine’s Day. If it does, then you’re going to get awesome heating for your special, lovey dovey holiday. If it doesn’t, you’re probably going to freeze to death, because science.

So, what are you waiting for? An engraved invitation?!! Because, in all seriousness, if that’s what it takes for you to buy a ductless mini-split heat pump from me, we can do that. I have an engraver and everything. His names’s Terry, and he spends most of his time in Sales. Really great guy.

Ultra Super Sweet Turbo Mode

If you’re anything like me, you know there’s nothing better than taking the Porsche out for a spin on any one of America’s great highways. I like to go out West where speed limits are higher. I drive as fast as I can while yelling, “Turbo Mode!”

It’s awesome. Don’t try it in Delaware.

Of course, you probably made the same mistake I did when you were looking at the features on the MrCool Premier and noticed Turbo Mode. It turns out that Turbo Mode has nothing to do with cars. I made that assumption early on. Let me just say that there were a lot of confusing meetings with the design team until they explained to me exactly what Turbo meant in relation to a ductless mini-split heat pump.

Sure, I was disappointed, but I guess having a heat pump that can accelerate to 120 mph is a pointless extravagance.

The Turbo Mode on the MrCool Premier is a function you, or anyone really, can use when you need to get cool as quickly as possible. Hit Turbo Mode and the unit will jump into high gear, so to speak, and cool the zone in record time. After the Premier reaches the cooling temperature you desire the unit returns to normal operation to maintain interior air comfort.

Turbo is just one more feature that makes the MrCool Premier a great unit to own. Plus, you can’t get speeding tickets.

MrCool, Is It Really Actually DIY?

People send me all sorts of questions via the Internets. One big question that keeps coming up is about the MrCool DIY. DIY stands for do-it-yourself. My first idea was to call it the MrCool Easy-To-Install-At-Home-By-Yourself-Or-Maybe-With-A-Friend, but the marketing department shot down that idea. Apparently, the MrCool ETIAHBYOMWAF is not as catchy as MrCool DIY.

Sorry, I got distracted there. The question is this: “Is the MrCool DIY really easy to install?”

The answer is: YES.

The MrCool DIY is our most unique ductless mini-split heat pump, because our engineers, and me, designed it to be easy for the regular person to install all by themselves. There are a minimum of fiddly parts to worry about, precharged linesets to simplify the coolant connections, and, of course, it’s light for easy handling.

With the MrCool DIY, you really can do it yourself.

I know you’re skeptical. You’re probably thinking, “Gosh, I sometimes screw up microwave popcorn, can I really do this installation myself?” Rest easy, my radioactive friend, because anyone can install the MrCool DIY.

During the design stage, we hired 100 idiots to moron-proof the MrCool DIY. Aside from the one unfortunate fatality, they did great. 99 MrCool DIY ductless mini-split heat pumps were installed in only a few hours. How did we find 100 actual idiots for that test?

Craigslist, duh.

Buy Gold (Condensers)!

Do you invest in gold? You probably should. Gold is shiny, malleable, and worth a lot of money. I made my first fortune after I invested in gold. Any by ‘invest’, I mean I found a pile of old Spanish gold doubloons while diving off the coast of the Dominican Republic.

And my parents said working in the Peace Corps was a waste of time!

I could go on about gold and how warm a bed it makes for hours, but you’re not dragons (probably). Instead, let’s talk about gold fin condensers. They’re great for standing up to salt air, rain, and other corrosive environmental conditions. If you have a gold fin condenser on a heat pump or air conditioner, you’re getting superior corrosion resistance when it comes to long term operation. When it comes to operating any such unit in high humidity conditions, you really do want to buy gold.

I know the question you want to ask, “Are the gold fin condensers really made out of solid gold?”

No, they are not. I wanted them to be, but the accountants told me using actual golden coils would make each ductless mini-split heat pump cost somewhere around $400,000 US to manufacture. I didn’t see the problem. They further informed me that a $400,000 ductless mini-split heat pump would be too expensive for virtually, well, anyone to consider buying.

They’re still really cool though.

MrCool Makes Going Green Easy

Everybody’s jumping on the ‘Go Green’ bandwagon. Ha! I was trying to Go Green way before it was cool. Back in 1986 I went to a Halloween party as the Hulk, and painted myself green. It was an awesome costume, but you should know it takes months for green spray paint to wear off which meant I was still the Hulk in the family Christmas photo.

My mother did not care for it.

The point I’m trying to make is that I and my company, MrCool, are dedicated to green living. That means energy efficiency. All our ductless mini-split heat pump units are built to operate as energy efficiently as they can while remaining affordable and high performing.

What does that mean for the consumer?

It means you should really consider going green with a MrCool heat pump. Not only is an energy efficient system better for the environment, and that’s nice, but a good unit can save you money.

Think about it this way. When it’s hot outside, the majority of the energy you buy from the local utility company goes straight into your home cooling system, air conditioner or otherwise. If you have an HVAC system that uses your energy dollars more efficiently, you aren’t going to need to spend as many of them.

In short, going green with MrCool means you still get great interior air comfort while saving money.

You’re welcome.

MrCool’s Cool Promotional Video Stuff

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Yes, this is true, but so is marketing.

When it came to marketing our MrCool ductless mini-split systems, we, and by that I mean me, had a lot of options. I could put MrCool on local television, but does anyone even watch that anymore? Maybe. I thought about radio too. Radio has its merits, but are you going to pay attention to a MrCool ad in between calls from an old man trying to win concert tickets and a guy wondering where his socks are?

Yeah, me neither, that’s why I decided to hire the best danged Internet video team I could find. They’ve come to my house to film me talking about the MrCool. These are going to be rolling out soon on the YouTube, and I want you to watch them. Aside from being tremendously good looking, I’m also quite well dressed.

Trust me, you’ll appreciate the 27 minute video where I give you a tour of my personal moth collection. I even introduce you to some of my household staff, personal entourage, and a few of my neighbors. They were all happy to participate after I gave them money.

One last thing, I asked my scientists about spray painting the Moon with the MrCool logo. I thought, “Hey! Everybody will see it!“ I was informed painting the Moon would cost approximately five times as much as my net worth.

If I get five times richer, we’re totally doing it.

Twit Twittering on the Twitter Thing-Place

When my Director of Marketing, Lisa, told me about Twittering I first thought she was talking about something you do with your thumbs when you’re bored. I was really confused when she told me I should be Twittering on a regular basis, but I told her I would. After spending a few hours Twittering in my office, my thumbs were really tired. Not seeing the point of all this, I asked her to clarify what she meant. She did.

I’m not too sure I was entirely wrong about what I thought Twittering was. I’ve been browsing the Twitter page, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people making these ‘Tweets’ are just bored. Why would I care what you just ate for lunch? I too love the McRib, but I’m not sure why you had to tell me about it, Larry from Vancouver.

Still, Lisa insisted, so I have started the MrCool Twitter feed. I’m going to promote the MrCool ductless mini-split heat pump, but I’m also going to share my copious wisdom with you, the Internet. I’m not going to share any cat photos, because I’m pretty sure you, Internet, already have enough of those.

I know you are interested in hearing my wisdom on a more regular basis, so check out the MrCool Twitter feed. Check me out at @MRCOOLcomfort. I promise I’ll probably change your life when I get bored.